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Posted 2021-02-27

Upcoming presentations on March 3 & 31, April 7, May 5

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Please join us for Sashbear's Education Series - expert presentations on topics related to emotion dysregulation and mental health.

All presentations are free of charge with advance registration. Recordings will be available on our website 1-2 weeks later.

All times are Eastern Time. Remember to adjust for your time zone!

Wednesday, March 3

7:00 - 8:30 pm Eastern Time

Substance Use and Harm Reduction with Youth

with Adina Hauser, MSW RSW

This talk will focus on the principles of harm reduction. We will address the issue of how to increase buy-in and engagement from youth and how to manage the gap between loved ones goals and a young persons goals for change. 

Adina will review in-depth strategies to communicate and support youth around their substance use in every stage of change. She will also look at what types of services are appropriate for youth given their readiness to make changes to their substance use.

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Adina Hauser is a clinical social worker and family therapist in Toronto. She is Clinical Lead for the Transitional Youth Program at Michael Garron Hospital.

If you missed Adina's previous webinar, watch the recording here.

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Wednesday, March 31

7:00 - 8:15 pm Eastern Time

Eating Disorders & Emotion Dysregulation:
Helping Families Navigate 

with Anita Federici, Ph.D., C.Psych.

In this presentation, Dr. Federici will provide current information about eating disorders, the relationship with emotion regulation, treatment options and strategies for family members.

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Dr. Anita Federici is a Clinical Psychologist and the Owner of Centre for Psychology and Emotion Regulation, in Midland, ON, specializing in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders, personality disorders, and trauma. She is an internationally-recognized authority on eating disorder treatment and DBT.

Wednesday, April 7

7:00 - 8:00 pm Eastern Time

Discover Falling Awake Mindfully: Incorporating Present-Moment Awareness to Your Day

with Karen Waddell

Karen previously presented a well-received introduction to the idea of mindfulness. (Watch the recording here if you missed it). She returns to discuss how we can "fall awake" and benefit from bringing mindfulness of the present to even the smallest moments of our day. 

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Karen Waddell is a certified Trauma Sensitive MBSR Teacher and long-time friend of the Sashbear Foundation. She offers MBSR and mindfulness instruction and workshops through Mindfulness Dimensions in Toronto and online.

Mark your calendar for May's presentation:

May 5, 2021
3:00 - 4:00 pm Eastern Time
with Len Pierre, 

Indigenous Thought Leader, Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility Consultant

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