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The Etobicoke Swim Club has a long and rich history of service to the Etobicoke community. Since 1954 we have been training children and young adults in the sport of competitive swimming with truly outstanding results.


The Etobicoke Swim Club has produced many National, International and Olympic swimmers and has been Provincial and National Champion many times over. Today we have over 230 swimmers competing for Etobicoke, from the novice level all the way to National Team members. Our club motto is "Committed to Excellence" and our swimmers, coaches and parents work hard on a daily basis to continue this tradition of excellence. We are the current Ontario Senior Champions and Age Group National Champions and are one of Swimming Canada's six high performance clubs. We are extremely proud of our swimmers and their successes; however, as parents, we are equally proud of the outstanding citizens that our children have become for the community.

Over the years a very special relationship has developed between our organization, the City of Etobicoke, and the Etobicoke Olympium. We feel that our young athletes are tremendous ambassadors for Etobicoke as they travel around the Toronto area, the province of Ontario, the rest of Canada and even the world, to take part in swim meets. We also host thousands of swimmers and their families each year as they take part in competitions that are held at the Etobicoke Olympium.

Some Of Our Club's Special Achievements:

58 out of 220 National Age Group Records currently held.
116 out of 292 Provincial Age Group and Open Records currently held
8 Senior National Records currently held.
31 Swimmers placed on Olympic Teams since 1956.
2 swimmers on the 2000 Olympic Team – Jenna Gresdal and Owen Von Richter
2 Swimmers on the 2001 World Championships Team – Riley Janes and Tobias Oriwal
3 swimmers on the 2002 Commonwealth Games Team – Riley Janes, Tobias Oriwal and Jenna Gresdal
Winner of 14 straight Junior Provincial Championships from 2001 to 2008
Most #1 Overall Club Rankings in TAG history (National Age Group Ranking)
6 swimmers on the Canadian 2006 Pan Pacs Team: Alexa Komarnycky, Monika Stitski, Bogdan Knezevic, Bryan Mell, Tobias Oriwol, Matt Pariselli
2 swimmers on the 2006 World Youth Team: Alexa Komarnycky, Bogdan Knezevic
1 swimmer on the 2007 Pan Am Team: Monika Stitski
3 swimmers on the 2008 World Youth Team: Bogdan Knezevic, Aimeson King, Hassaan Abdel-Khalik
1 swimmer on the 2008 Olympic Team: Alexa Komarnycky
2 swimmers on the 2009 World Championships Team: Amanda Reason and Heather MacLean
1 swimmer on the 2010 Pan Pacs Team: Hassaan Abdel-Khalik

1 swimmer on the 2011 World Championships Team: Brittany MacLean

2 swimmers on the 2012 Olympic Team: Brittany MacLean and Amanda Reason

1 swimmer on the 2014 Commonwealth Games Team: Brittany MacLean 2 BRONZE Medals

1 swimmer on the 2014 Pan Pacs Team: Brittany MacLean 3 BRONZE Medals

Developed two Canadian Long Course World Record Holders; Alison Higson 200 BR 2:27.27 in 1988 and Amanda Reason 50BR 30.23 in 2009

We're proud of our 2014 - 2015 coaching staff. Etobicoke's coaches bring experience, skill and enthusiasm to their jobs. Find out more about them.

Head Coach and High Performance Group


Kevin Thorburn

Head Age Group Coach and Junior National Group


Brian Keats

Senior 2 and TOP A Groups


Luis Escobar

Head Intro Coach


Krystin King

Senior 3 and Elite Groups


Ian Gillis

Advanced Group


Brett D'Souza

Junior A Group


Tristan Vowles

Junior B Group


Patricia Buenbrazo

TOP B Group


Madison Moore


Group Communication Team


This season we will have two Group Parents who assist with communications between the Board of Directors and the parents.

The duties of the Group Parent include:

  • Attend Group Parent meetings

  • Contact parents with communications from the Board

  • Resource person for the parents in the group

  • Assist coach with communications to the parents

2014-2015 Group Parents

HP, SR2, JN, SR3, Elite and Adv. Groups

Terri Johnston





Jr. A, TOP A, Jr. B, TOP B Groups

Jennifer Fedosoff


2014-2015 Committee Coordinators









Points & Meet Hours

Steve Goodwin


Awards Banquet

Talya Zaraska

Media Liaison



Group Communications Team

Maja Zorz


Silverthorn Liaison

Hanan Soliman



Steve Goodwin











Dennis Anderson



Lesley Elaschuk


Fundraising & Donations




Tag Day

David Hubbs


Corporate Sponsorship




Team Wear

Sandy Venegas










Meet Management

Steve Goodwin


Officials Chair

Steve Goodwin


Meet Printing

Marisa Milanovich



Ben Lashley


Pierina Stokes



Linda Aach







2014 - 2015 Board of Directors






Dennis Anderson


Vice President- Communications

Sandro Milanovich


Vice President- Finance

Kevin Young


Vice President - Meets

Bud Seawright



Pierina Stokes



David Hubbs


Director at Large

Lesley Elaschuk


Director at Large

Maja Zorz


Director at Large

Talya Zaraska



How We Communicate

Communication with both members and athletes is an integral part of the Etobicoke Swim Club.   
The club uses a variety of methods to ensure messages and announcements are received by it’s members:

  1. Our website is kept current with all information needed by members.  Group Parents send emails as additional notification of urgent information.
  2. A Coach & Parent Group meeting, held every fall at the Olympium.  Each coach communicates their plans for the current swim season and answers any questions parents may have.
  3. Annual General Meeting, held every September.  This meeting covers the election of Board of Directors, a review of the annual budget, a status report from both the Head Coach and Club President, and finally proposals for changes to Club policy which are voted on by the membership.
  4. Ad hoc meetings between parents, coaches and swimmers.

Introduction To Competitive Swimming Program


2015-16 INTRO Brochure

Our Olympians


1956 Melbourne

Virginia Grant

1960 Rome

no members

1964 Tokyo

Eileen Weir

1968 Mexico

no members

1972 Munich

Merrily Stratten

1976 Montreal

Bruce Rogers

1980 Moscow

Claus Bredschneider, Mike Olson, Steve Pickell, Dan Thompson, Leslie Brafield, Cheryl Gibson, Deryk Snelling (Coach)

1984 Los Angeles

Jill Horsted, Jane Kerr, Mary Lubawski, Michelle MacPherson, Cheryl McArton, Cindy Ounpuu, Peter Dobson, Peter Ward, Paul Bergen (Coach)

1988 Seoul

Anne-Marie Andersen, Mojca Cater, Allison Higson, Jane Kerr, Gary Anderson, Don Haddow, Sean Murphy, Paul Bergen (Coach)

1992 Barcelona

Kristin Topham, Mike Mason

1996 Atlanta

no members

2000 Sydney

Jenna Gresdal, Owen Von Richter

2004 Athens

no members

2008 Beijing

Alexa Komarnycky

2012 London

Brittany MacLean, Amanda Reason, Kevin Thorburn (Coach)


The Etobicoke Olympium

Etobicoke Swimming is proud to be using one of the best swimming facilities in Ontario: the Etobicoke Olympium.

The Olympium boasts a 50 metre competition pool and a 25 yard warm-up pool.

The 8-lane competition pool can be divided into two 25 metre pools, each with its own Omega electronic timing system and computerized meet management system. There is ample deck space and bleachers for competitors, and a very large spectator gallery. The pool is known worldwide as an extremely “fast” pool!

The Olympium also has an excellent diving facility, two gymnasiums, numerous club rooms, and a cafeteria which operates at most meets. The Olympium is located in a large park with picnic areas, golfing, go-karting, soccer, football and cricket fields and baseball diamonds. It even has a ski hill! Also on the site are two indoor hockey arenas.

The Olympium is located 10 minutes from Toronto’s Pearson International airport, and close to three major highways: 401, 427 and the Queen Elizabeth Way. Transportation is a breeze.


And there are several excellent hotels within a 5 minute drive, as well as restaurants and shopping plazas.

Click for Olympium Map



The Etobicoke Swim Club is a not for profit organisation comprised of swimmers, their families, coaches and administration.

The Club's goals are

  • To support young people with the drive, determination, talent and desire, to realise their maximum potential and aspirations in the field of competitive swimming, through self-discipline, commitment and time management
  • To build self confidence and self esteem in Club swimmers, while promoting team spirit and good sportsmanship.
  • To achieve and maintain the status of a High Performance Club by training swimmers to reach top ranking at the Provincial, National and International levels of competitive swimming.
  • To promote and develop coaches and meet officials which can offer excellence in Canadian competitive swimming.


In order to achieve its goals, the Club must necessarily incur substantial costs for pool time, Swim Ontario fees, administration, coaching, meet travel, and support for high performance swimmers.

To ensure the achievement of its goals, therefore, the Club relies on the club members and their families to meet their financial commitments on a prompt and timely basis and to volunteer their time to ensure the swimmers can be offered the maximum opportunity to achieve their goals in the sport of swimming.

In order to ensure that the club stays on strong financial and operational footing, the financial responsibilities and volunteer workload are shared among all members and their families. As a condition of membership in this Club, each member family has a responsibility to achieve a minimum volunteer commitment during the swim season, and to ensure that their minimum financial commitments are met as and when required by the Club.


When moving swimmers within the Etobicoke Swim Club, the coaching staff looks at many factors.
One is the availability of space in the next group. In general, our groups consist of approximately 20 swimmers
and one of our goals is to have each group as training and age compatible as possible.

Some other characteristics and traits the coaching staff look at are:
- Appropriate effort in practice as prescribed by the coach
- Attendance
- Coachability
- Ability to train at the next level
- Respect for Coaches/Officials and other Swimmers
- Appropriate skill level to progress to the next level
- A growing commitment to the sport of swimming
- Swimmer should be in the age range for the next group

**The swimmer’s appraisal is based on the aggregate of these items and more.
**A Swimmer may move-up only one group at a time.

University Swimmers at ESWIM


University Swimmer Policy

Club Records













2014-2015 ESWIM Team Wear Policy

Sandy Venegas - ESWIM Teamwear Chair


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